Race for Kids - About the Race

About the Race

Grown-up Play. Kids Win!

Capital One Race for Kids™ is an urban adventure race where teams of four compete in a race to the finish line, completing a series of 10 Checkpoints along the way. You'll relive the best times of your childhood and build team spirit along the way. The Challenges and Checkpoint locations are a secret until you arrive on Race Day - look forward to wacky Challenges like blind-folded kayaking, shaving cream cheesy toss, and building marshmallow/spaghetti towers.

This Spring, you are again invited to play like a kid.

After the race, you're invited to the Celebration Party, featuring food, drinks, entertainment and a special awards presentation with prizes awarded to top teams.

Have fun with your friends - Capital One Race for Kids™ is a team-based event. Put together a fun group of four and you're sure to have a blast while running around discovering new locations and activities in your city.

Help support Boys and Girls Clubs: although you're having fun, remember that through participating in Capital One Race for Kids™, you are helping provide safe, accessible, educational and engaging programs for children and youth in your community. For more information about where funds go, check out the Why Play section.