Race for Kids - Race


What date and time does the race begin?
This information is available on your local event page for Capital One Race for Kids™.
What should we wear?
We recommend that participants wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Waterproof gear is highly recommended in case of rain.
Can we seek help with the Checkpoints during the race?
You are allowed to ask for directional help from passers-by on the street or use a phone to call a friend. If you cannot figure out a Checkpoint clue, accomodations will be made to provide help but will come at a time penalty. If your team is struggling at a particular Checkpoint and is unable to complete a Challenge, a Checkpoint volunteer will provide your team with an alternate task in order to receive your Checkpoint Token.
Do I need to be athletic or in good shape to run the race?
No, you don't need to be athletic, as the race is comprised of a combination of mental and physical challenges.
Are we allowed to take transportation like a car, taxi, bus, etc. and will a bus pass be provided?
Capital One Race for Kids™ is designed for participants on foot only. Public transportation is allowed depending on your location. Please refer to your local event page for more information. 
How well do I need to know the city I am participating in?
It's certainly a benefit to know your city well, but a strategic, resourceful team can do just as well as a team who knows all the ins and outs of the city. Also, if you get stuck you can call a friend or ask members of the general public to help you out.
Is there a pre-set course that participants need to follow?
No. You can visit the Checkpoints in any order you like, as long as you visit a minimum of 10 Checkpoints. Some strategic advice: Map out your plan!
How do I find out the exact location of each Checkpoint?
Your team will receive a Checkpoint clue sheet on race day. You will need to solve each clue in order to determine the specific Checkpoint locations. There will also be signs set up at each Checkpoint to help guide the way.
What happens if I can’t find a Checkpoint?
Don't give up! Use all your resources. Feel free to call family and friends, form alliances with other teams, or ask people on the street for assistance. In some communities there will be a helpline to call for assistance and this information will be communicated to participants.  
How long does Capital One Race for KidsTM last?
The race is designed to be completed in roughly 2 to 3 hours.
How do I win Capital One Race for KidsTM?
Teams will receive a token upon completing each checkpoint. The fastest team to solve the puzzle and arrive at the Finish Line as a team with 10 Checkpoint Tokens will win the race.
How do I qualify for prizes?
Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd-placed teams. Visit your local event page to find out more about prizing in your community.